Home complex Christmas trees stolen – again

A SUSPECTED Boxing Day prank has left some elderly people in Galashiels dismayed.

CCTV footage at the sheltered housing complex, Corn Mill Court in St John Street, shows two men stealing two small Christmas trees from the entrance in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The complex’s housing support worker, Linda Thomson, said: “The tenants just think it’s disgusting for somebody to find it funny to walk away with the trees.”

This is the second time it’s happened. Last year B&Q donated the two – now stolen – trees, which are about two feet high, decorated with berries, to replace the previous ones, which were also stolen.

Linda continued: “We take great pride in decorating the development. Our residents praise it for being so nicely decorated for Christmas. Our co-ordinator thinks it has been a prank. It was about 2.15am on Tuesday, there were a lot of people on the street. We’re just guessing but maybe the thieves know the trees were stolen last year and thought we’ll play a joke, take them again and turn it into a tradition. They haven’t turned up yet though, so somebody has got two little Christmas trees.”

Linda added: “Some of the elderly gentleman are discussing it just now and one was talking about the depths people go to. It’s like taking from their own home, this is their home and somebody has taken the trees from them.”