Holyrood’s regional hopefuls confirmed

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The South of Scotland regional list, from which seven MSPs will be elected, was confirmed on Tuesday.

On May 5, voters in the Borders will have two votes for the Scottish Parliament: one for the constituency MSP under first past the post, the second for a political party which has ‘listed’ its candidates, in priority order, as follows:

Scottish Senior Citizens Party – Don Sharp, David Mathieson, John Higgins, Ken Bradley, John Speed and Eric Aitken.

British National Party – Mark Walker, Michael Ward, Frank Nicholson and Don Charlton.

Scottish Christian Party – Scott Richardson, Clive Eddy, Steven McCorkindale and David Temple.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party – Derek Brownlee, John Scott, Peter Duncan, Gill Dykes, Grant Fergusson and Colin McGavigan.

Scottish Green Party – Alis Balance, Chris Balance, Stephanie Johnston, Eurig Scandrett, Penny Lilley, Graham McLeod and Michael Scott.

Scottish Labour Party – Elaine Murray, Claudia Beamish, Graeme Pearson, Marie Rooney, Gordon McKenzie, Nasim Khan and Kenryck Lloyd-Jones.

Scottish Liberal Democrats – Jim Hume, Catriona Bhatia, Ettie Spencer, Joe Rosiejak, Robbie Simpson, Eileen Taylor and John Paton-Day.

Scottish National Party – Christine Grahame, Aileen Campbell, Adam Ingram, Joan McAlpine, Aileen McLeod, Paul Wheelhouse, Chic Brodie, David Berry and Aileen Orr.

Scottish Socialist Party – Colin Turbett, Gillian Tyrer, Yvonne Dalziel and Aidan Simpson.

Socialist Labour Party – Robert Cochrane, Sarah Dorey, Robert Faraday and Margaret Rooney.

Solidarity – Hugh Kerr, Graeme McIver, Ian Kerr, Lesley McIver, William Duncan and Gordon Walker.

UK Independence Party – Bill Wright, Steven McKeane, Douglas Waters, Peter Neilson and Sherry Fowler.

z South of Scotland regional MSPs elected in 2007 were: Christine Grahame (SNP), Michael Russell (SNP), Adam Ingram (SNP), Alasdair Morgan (SNP), Derek Brownlee (Con), Aileen Campbell (SNP) and Jim Hume (Lib Dem).