Hilde takes steps to see us sign up

A CLOVENFORDS woman is walking more than 70 miles across Scotland to encourage people to register on the organ donors list.

A liver transplant at short notice saved Hilde Paxton’s life. Now she and a friend are walking the Great Glen Way between Fort William and Inverness to raise awareness of the register.

Her husband Jim said: “A year past March my wife required a liver transplant. From taking ill to receiving a transplant was only four weeks – it was very sudden. Had it not been for the courage of the donor family to allow their loved one’s organs to be used for transplant my wife would not be here today.”

Hilde and her friend Anne Grieve, also from Clovenfords, started the hike, much of which follows the line of the Caledonian Canal, on Saturday and hope to finish this Saturday.

Jim said: “My wife’s walk will hopefully show what a second chance at life means.Only 29 per cent of people in the UK have signed up to donate their organs when they die. I am aware that we are asked to donate money for various fundraisers, but the main thing, to us, is to encourage people to sign up to the donor register. This means more than money.”

For more information see www.organdonation.nhs.uk