High standards led to poor stats, say housing bosses

Eildon Housing
Eildon Housing

Two housing associations have defended their record of dealing with antisocial behaviour, following reports by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

These showed SBHA resolved 11 per cent of antisocial behaviour cases within “targets agreed locally” in 2013/14 and Eildon Housing Association 39 per cent.

The Scottish average was 76 per cent.

Maria Lyle, SBHA’s director of housing services, said: “For the first time, in September 2013, we introduced new target timescales agreed locally with our tenants to resolve reported cases.

“Without sufficient information available to us at the time to set a reasonable targets for resolving complaints, it is clear, on reflection, that the targets set were too high, resulting in only 11 per cent of cases resolved meeting the target timescale set.

“With this understanding, and with the welcomed publication of the Landlord Report, we are now in a position to better benchmark our performance against others and in turn set realistic targets.”

She added: “It is important to stress that we must ensure that action taken is appropriate and proportionate, and we do not close a case until it is resolved.”

Chief executive of Eildon Housing Association, Nile Istephan, added: “On resolving complaints about antisocial behaviour, which covers a wide range of complaints, we have set ourselves a more challenging target than many landlords in Scotland.

“In addition, we have also been cautious about reporting cases as resolved until a period of time has elapsed and we are sure that the case has been fully dealt with.”

In 2013/14, SBHA received 195 reports of antisocial behaviour and Eildon 160.