High standard at Jedburgh show

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THE high standard of exhibits more than compensated for a slight fall in entries – particularly in the Begonia and Gladioli sections – at the annual show of Jedburgh Horticultural Society which took place in Jedburgh Town Hall last Saturday week.

Trophy winners

Gladioli spike – Bill Byres; six spikes of gladioli – J. Wear; most points in gladioli classes – J. H. Wear; best chrysanthemum – Angus McLean; small vase decorative dahlias – D. Rogerston; best dahlia – D. Rogerston; best begonia – Pat Dawson; single rose – Catriona Graham; best floral section exhibit – D. Rogerston; best pot plant – Pat Dawson; best floral art exhibit – Lynda Riddle; most points in floral art – Lynda Riddle.

Best potato – D. Oliver; best leek – R. Mathison; best onion section – S. McGaw; most points in vegetable classes (TD8 postcode area) – Bill Byres; best vegetable exhibit – S. McGaw.

Most points in industrial section – Helen Hope; runner-up – Margaret King; best exhibit – Sandra Jeffrey; best industrial handicraft exhibit – Helen Hope.

Best in children’s section – Bethany Sandilands; most points, 16 and under – Greg Ralston; runner-up – Lewis Ralston; best exhibit, under-12 – Rory Dickson; best baking, under-18 – Molly Noble.

Best photographic exhibit – Denis Laing; best exhibit in men’s handicraft section – M. Cockburn.

Best Garden – 1, John Frater, 23 Priors Meadow; 2, Harry Jeffrey, 68 Howden Road; 3, Wattie Grieve, 91 Howden Road.

Best pot plant – Rory Dickson.