High note of praise for Earlston pupils

THE musical talent of Earlston High School won rave reviews at its concert last Tuesday, as one audience member Jeff Thomson writes: “Congratulations on another marvellous concert!

“It is amazing how you reach such high standards every time. We loved every part of the concert from start to finish.

“The quality and variety of the performances in the first half were breathtaking. The finale was tremendous, when everyone joined in. It was really moving.

“The second half flowed at a great pace with dozens of songs; and again the quality was exceptional. The lighting, sound, costumes and dancing were all superb.

“Special mention must go to The Jersey Boys. The were outstanding!

“Congratulations and thank you to all those who took part or contributed in any way. A huge amount of work is required to produce a concert which is so polished and so professional. Those on stage showed no signs of nerves; only enjoyment; amazing.

“The audience can only listen and wonder at what all of you achieved.”