Here's your Earlston Civic Week results

This year's Earlston Civic Week's packed programme of events has been hailed a huge success.

Monday, 9th July 2018, 3:29 pm
Updated Monday, 9th July 2018, 3:34 pm
Earlston Civic Week 2018- scarecrow exhibits.

Window dressing (‘Scarecrow’ theme): Aquarius

Civic Week Golf: gents winner Stuart Vickery and ladies winner Elizabeth Bain.

Red Lion darts: winner Kyle Clarke, runner-up Craig Robertson.

Red Lion dominoes: winner Kyle clarke, runner-up Grant Murray.

Red Lion pool: winner Tony Campbell, runner-up David Okang.

Car treasure hunt: Winner The Denhams, runner-up Earlston Explorers, booby The Cuckoo.

Youths football: Daniel’s Dynamos.

Adult football: Love Below.

Pet show: Overall winner: Emily Elphick with Lenny (Labrador)

Dogs under one year: 1 Jamie with Harry (Golden Spaniel), 2 Charlie with Leo (Staffie).

Dogs over one year: 1 Emily Elphick with Lenny, 2 Laura with Shuggie, 3 Elaine with Woodie, Special: Beth with Mungo.

Bitches under one year: 1 Brodie with Smidge.

Bitches over one year: 1 Hazel with Jill, 2 Andrew with Cloud, 3 Muff with Poppy.

Cats: 1 Jodie with Oscar.

Hamsters: 1= Abby with Cole, Madison with Rocky and Eva with Chip.

Duck Race: 1 Shannon Elliot, 2 Ivor Aitchison, 3 Carol Brownlie, last home Janice Robertson.

Milestone White Hill race: First boy home Ewan Christie; first girl home Jessica Hendry.

Milestone Black Hill Race: Overall winner: Alistair McDonald; First woman: Louise Mitchell; First male veteran (40+): Leahn Parry; First lady veteran (40+): Kate Jenkins; First Lauderdale Limper: Leahn Parry; First Runner home from TD4: Neil Christie; First Jog-Earlston Man: Angus Baxter; First Jog-Earlston Woman: Jackie Todd; First EHS pupil home: David Murray.

Quiz: Winning team: Holy Moses (Earlston Church), 2= Wurzel Gummidges and 3 A’s and AJ, 3 East-enders.

Bowling tournament: Winning team: Craig Robertson, Kenny Wilson, Ian Hyslop and Steven Greer.

Runners-up: James Brotherstone, Tam Russell (Jinx), Brian Hunter and Brian Ibessane.

Best floral display: Anne Thomson


Singles under 5 years: 1 Aidan Vermeulen (werewolf), 2 Harper Brown (The Wonder Baby), 3 Finlay Caldock (Leonardo ninja turtle).

Singles 5-10 years: 1 Ezio Eneide (jelly belly0, 2 Kyla Porchess (queen of hearts), 3 Charlie James Miles (angry coconut).

Singles 11-16 years: 1 Rosie Petty (zombie) 2 Hannah Moray (joker).

Adult singles: 1 Graeme Cowe (grass-cutting scarecrow), 2 Tam Russell (HMS Jinx), 3 Alice McKeeney (Stanin’ Stane)

Groups up to 10 years: 1 Lexi McGarva, McKenzie & Amelia Hart (scarecrows on tour), 2 Ercildoune Bairns (wee miss & mr lads clan) 3 Lewis & Brodie Wilson (Sherlock Gnomes).

Groups 11-16 years: 1 Lewis Newton & Kiara O’Neill (sweet nerds), 2 Mackenzie & Madison Elliot (Beauty and the Beast).

Adult Groups: 1 Bollywood, 2 Mickey and Minnie Mouse, 3 Toy Soldiers.

Adults with children: 1 Earlston Mardi Gras, 2 The Scared Crows 3 Earlston Disney.

Overall winners:

Sandy Blair trophy for most oustanding: Graeme Cowe (scarecrow)

Whitefield Cup for best dressed single under 10: Ezio Eneide (jelly belly).

Committee Cup for best under 10 single or group: Lewis Newton (sweet nerds)

Hazel Lyall trophy for most eye-catching adult: Morag Sterrick (who’s the clown).

Les Scott trophy for best group up to 10: Gillian McGarva (scarecrows on tour).

Joyce Ballantyne trophy for best adults with children group: Douglas Ballantyne (Earlston Mardi Gras).


Under-five girls race: 1 Bick Richardson, 2 Lily Cannon, Lucy Slater.

Under-five boys race: 1 Zach McVie, 2 Zach Elliot, 3 Brodie Wilson.

Girls 6-8 race: 1 Gemma Wilson, 2 Elizabeth Bain, 3 Amy-Lee Cessford.

Boys 6-8 race: 1 Harvey Richardson, 2 Sandy Bell, 3 Henry Sharpe.

Girls 9-11 race: 1 Abby Stewart, 2 Georgia Jo, 3 Enleigh Whiteside Bell.

Boys 9-11 race: 1 Shae O’Neill, 2 Ewan Piercy, 3 Cameron Newton.

Girls 12-15 race: 1 Laia Reid, 2 Rohan Bell, 3 Kiara O’Neill.

Boys 12-15 race: 1 Shane, 2 Seth Jackson.

Women’s race: 1 Lauren Rawlings, 2 Gillian McGarva, 3 Rebecca Newton.

Men’s race: 1 Michael McHeugh, 2 James Richardson, 3 Les Bottomley.

Under-five girls sack race: 1 Lily Cannon, 2 Laina McHeugh, 3 Lucy Slater.

Under-five boys sack race: 1 Hunter Horsely, 2 Craig McHeugh.

Girls 6-8 sack race: 1 Amelia Hart, 2 Amy-Lee Cessford, 3 Mia Wetherston.

Boys 6-8 sack race: 1 Harvey Stewart-Richardson, 2 Luka Bell, 3 Charlie Stewart-Richardson.

Girls 9-11 sack race: 1 Georgia Jo, 2 Madison Elliot, 3 Amy Bouache.

Boys 9-11 sack race: 1 Shae O’Neill, 2 Oscar Stewart, 3 Cameron Newton.

Women’s sack race: 1 Lauren Rawlings, 2 Gillian McGarva, 3 Tammy Laidlaw.

Men’s sack race: 1 Barry Chisholm, 2 Michael McHeugh, 3 Chris Stewart.

Under-fives boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1 Laina McHeugh, 2 Lucy Slater and Imogen.

6-8 boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1 Hazel Milligan & Henry Sharpe, Maisie Baillie & Lizzie Breen, 3 Connor Slater.

9-15 boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1 Michael & Georgia Slater, Shae Rawlings & Cameron Newton, 3 Lexi McGarva & McKenzie Hart.

Men & women wheelbarrow race: 1 Lynne & George Milligan, 2 Chelsea Elliot & Andy Hays, 3 Hannah Miles & Dec Turnbull.

Under-fives Spoon race: 1 Lily Cannon. 2 Imogen, 3 Alaina Whitaker.

6-8 girls Spoon race: 1 Gemma Wilson, 2 Amy Cessford, 3 Mia Wetherston & Kyla Porches.

6-8 boys spoon race (1): 2 Joe Holisz, 3 Charlie James.

6-8 boys spoon race (2): 1 Charlie Stewart-Richardson, 2 Connor Slater, 3 Jamie Harkness.

9-11 girls spoon race: 1 Rohan Bell, 3 Georgia Jo.

9-11 boys spoon race: 1 Zach Wheeler, 2 Stuart Newton, 3 Jonathan Turner.

16 and over spoon race: 1 Alanna Elliot, 2 Hannah Miles, 3 Shania Miles.

Tug o’war: Winner Marvel, runner-up Dead Weight.