Here’s your Lauder Common Riding timetable

Lauder Cornet Hagen Steele and Cornet's Lass Ashleigh Scott.
Lauder Cornet Hagen Steele and Cornet's Lass Ashleigh Scott.

It will be all eyes on Lauder Cornet Hagen Steele and cornet’s lass Ashleigh Scott next week as the town’s festivities begin on Sunday.

The main week is kicked off by Sunday’s kirking in Lauder Parish Church at 11.30am, followed by children’s sports and a family fun day in the town’s public park from 2.30pm.

Lauder Common Riding picking night 2017.

Lauder Common Riding picking night 2017.

On Monday, the apprentice ride leaves from Castle Riggs park at 10am, and that evening sees the ex-cornets’ dinner in the Lauderdale Hotel at 7pm.

The following morning, a bowling competition is being held between the ex-cornets and Twenty10 clubs at 11am.

That evening sees a family cycle ride at Thirlestane Castle from 6pm, followed by an exiles’ reunion at 8pm in the public hall.

Wednesday’s fancy-dress parade assembles in the Avenue, with children’s judging from 6.15pm and adults’ from 6.45pm. The parade starts at 8pm.

Next Thursday, there’s a children’s show in the public hall from 2pm, and the preliminary rideout that night leaving from the Avenue at 6.15pm.

Friday’s duck race takes place at Thirlestane Castle at 2pm and the nicht-afore-the-morn concert is at Lauder Primary School at 7.30pm.

Saturday’s main common riding day begins at 7am, with a cornet’s march led by Selkirk Silver Band from the Lauderdale Hotel to the town hall. The cavalcade assembles at 7.30pm, and the cornet receives the burgh standard at the town hall at 8am.

The riders arrive at the watering stane around 9.50am, then the war memorial at 11.30am, when the cornet will lay a wreath. The concluding ceremony takes place at noon in the town hall, featuring presentations and the bussing of the cornet’s colours.

The day finishes with dancing in Market Place, with the pipe band leaving the Lauderdale hotel at 5pm, then a ball in the marquee at 7.30pm.