Heatwave death warning as owners leave pets in cars

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An animal welfare charity say the lives of a number of dogs in the Borders have been put at risk by their owners during the heatwave.

The scorching weather has failed to stop some owners from leaving their pets inside their cars, with problem areas being Tesco and Asda’s car parks in Galashiels and Borders General Hospital’s parking facilities.

Scottish SPCA chief Inspector Paul Anderson said: “Every summer we run a campaign, but it’s clear some owners aren’t getting the message and we’re keen to remind people of the dangers.

“Owners need to understand that it’s completely unacceptable to leave a dog in a vehicle in these searing temperatures, even for a short period of time with the windows down. In this kind of heat, even five minutes could be deadly.”

Anyone who sees a distressed dog left in a car can phone 03000 999 999 or the police.