Ready for that Rocky moment?

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WELL, I am still plodding on with my 50/50 challenge of doing 50 different physical challenges in 50 days in aid of the British Heart Foundation’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Day 28 – here I had to keep small, but heavy enough, leg weights on for a whole day! This was tough, especially as I was teaching all day. That night I came across a lovely email from Shona Fenwick who works at Border Insurance in Kelso (who has also kindly sponsored me). She told me how, at her son and husband’s joint 21st and 50th birthday party, they had decided to do the ‘slide the money to the bottle’ to raise money for my charity.

The outcome of this was that they raised £120, which they gave me to put towards the money gained in sponsorships – taking things up to around £750.

Day 29 – thankfully I was advised by one of my P7 pupils to take off the leg weights, which I was going to wear for another day, as the bench jumps I had chosen to do were so hard. I was breathless for about half an hour afterwards.

Another DIY video job with Day 30’s challenge – straight-weighted arm lifts (x50) where you bring the arms out straight to the sides of your body. Day 31 – the weights went onto the arms for my spinning class and I was surprised how easy that one was.

But then, day 32 – mmm, well, that 50-length swim, legs only, was really quite hard.

Day 33 – I was done! I had a 40th fancy dress birthday party in Oxton. I was tired before I went out and had still not fitted in my challenge. So ... dressed in a child’s Ninja Turtle outfit that was at least five sizes too small for me, I tackled my 34th challenge - leg squats.

Sunday and day 34 – ‘whole body twists’ with jumps (like the spotty dog, but you twist your body).

Monday saw me swimming and then I did my day 35 challenge of running (well jogging) five miles. Heavy legs again, but the weather was terrific and I did enjoy seeing all the bewildered faces in Kelso as they negotiated the new one-way system.

And so ... 15 days to go and half a stone lost. Finally.

Several people are asking me when I am going to climb Bridge End Park steps in Kelso 50 times.

Well, I’ve set the date for Sunday at 9am and I am looking for as many people as possible to join me. So I will hopefully see you there!