Peebles hospital and parts of BGH remain closed by virus

Health bosses have confirmed that Hay Lodge Hospital in Peebles and one bay in wards 4 and 9 at the BGH remain closed to admissions because of Norovirus.

Ward 10 at the BGH is also closed to new patients because of gastro-intestinal symptoms.

NHS Borders say the closures are a precautionary measure to prevent the virus spreading.

Dr Ed James, consultant microbiologist with local infection control team said Norovirus was one of the most common causes of diarrhoea and vomiting.

He added: “It is very infectious and spreads quickly between people. This is why outbreaks happen in hospitals where a number of people are sharing facilities.

“However it doesn’t just occur in hospitals, and can start abruptly and spread quickly through communities.

“Getting Norovrius cannot always be avoided, but good hygiene can help to limit the virus spreading. Everyone in the Borders can play their part to help minimise the spread of this virus through our communities and hospitals.”

Cauldshiels ward at the BGH, which had been closed because of Norovirus, re-opened over the weekend.