MSP Lamont backs calls to support cancer treatment advances

Local MSP John Lamont has joined calls to support new advances in the threatment of cancer.

At a Cancer Pledge Event in the Scottish Parliament today, Mr Lamont signed a pledge board committing to the following: “I pledge to support new and exciting advances in the treatment of cancer which offer patients the prospect of improved long-term survival from cancer across a range of tumour types.”

The event was organised by charities Kidney Cancer Scotland, Melanoma UK and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers-Squibb. At the event, John discussed with representatives the need to advance the debate on innovative treatments and their impact upon patient outcomes.

Mr Lamont said: “I was very happy to make a pledge to support new advances in the treatment of cancer at an event in the Scottish Parliament. Cancer touches the lives of too many people and families in the Borders and it is right that we invest properly in new research and new treatments.

The good news is that cancer survival rates have doubled in Scotland over the past 30 years and those diagnosed are now more likely to survive for 10 years than not. This is thanks mainly to improvements in treatment, as well as better awareness. But there is much more work which needs to be done to bring survival rates up even further.”