It’s time to put the chocolate away

Illustration by artists John Busby.
Illustration by artists John Busby.

Monday, January 31

Well, I am sitting here eating my last bit of chocolate before my 50/50 challenge gets well and truly under way.

There is no turning back – it is out there now – I’ve said it – I am going to do this, so I had better get on with it.

Tomorrow is February 1 and the start of the British Heart Foundation’s Heart month so I intend to wear something red every day for the whole month. Funnily enough, the main thing I am worried about is staying off the chocolate for 50 days.

But I have a plan. Every time I get a pang for chocolate I intend to have some fruit.

I’ve bought lots in, so I am ready for action. I also had the “last supper” on Sunday night – a big helping of lovely lasagne and salad with a healthy stack of apricot rice pudding, washed down with a lovely strawberry cider.

My challenges this week are 150 continuous skips, hit 50 shuttles, spin for 50 minutes and swim 50 lengths; I’ve got a big weekend of badminton, but should fit in the 50-minute walk and cycle.

Will keep you posted next week as to how I got on. I just need to keep myself free of bugs and ailments so I can keep this challenge going for 50 days.

I know of three people who are going to try this, so thanks to them for joining me, and I’ve already secured £100 sponsorship and I have not even started my challenge, so many thanks to all of you who have sponsored me.

Thanks also to the many well-wishers who have stopped to wish me luck – this is all raising awareness too.

If you would like to support my 50/50 challenge for the British Heart Foundation, I’ll tell you next week how.

Watch this space and keep your hearts healthy.


z To help Lynn with her challenge, members of TheSouthern team are also preparing to dig out their trainers in the name of fitness.

Outdoors correspondent Sally Gillespie is off to New Zealand for three weeks, but while she is there she intends to: Jog Auckland waterfront for 50 mins (or until it’s late enough to wake up the friend putting her up); cycle 50 miles on the gravel road through Molesworth Station; run 50 miles (split up into five and 10-mile sessions); swim 50 lengths in the outdoor pool in Parnell; 50 minutes trampoline (not all in one go); 50 lunges; 50 press-ups (girly ones, split into 10s); 50 mins skipping (split up); 50 mins outdoor fitness session; swim round Rakino Island (where she used to live) and a 50-minute kettlebell session.

She told us: “I may give up sugar for 50 days (exception Allen’s liquorice allsorts in NZ).

Details of other activities planned by TheSouthern team will appear over the next few weeks.