It’s all over!

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AFTER my step-walk on the Sunday (day 41) I was on the homeward straight.

Monday (day 42) – 150 medicine ball sit-ups, which was not too bad., followed by bunny bench jumps at school on the Tuesday.

Day 44 – I did 150 shuttle runs, touching a line at each end so my legs were in agony. My spinning class were relieved that I was finishing my challenges, but did not get off lightly as I got them to do 10 x 50 second sprints with me for my Day 45 challenge.

I cheated a bit on the Friday as I had crammed in some supply teaching and was rushing around with my badminton taxi service so I squeezed in 150 hops on both legs – have you ever tried that? It is really sore on the calf muscles.

Badminton all day on the Saturday so I crammed in a wee 150 leg exercise session at about 10.30pm. The punch bag was a must on Sunday as I had been away all day at the Border Coaching Conference. The speakers were awesome and very inspiring – so why the punch bag? The dinner had not been started nor the ironing done!

Monday – glorious day, so I went for the 10-mile run and ended up doing 11.3 as I had not measured my route.

And so it was with some trepidation that I set off on my 50-mile cycle and last 50/50 challenge.

Off I went at 6.35am. I had to get in at least 24 miles in the morning before work so that I could get the other 26 miles done after work before it got too dark. I got all the way to Chirnside only to be faced with ROAD CLOSED. School was fine, but I could feel my legs seizing up and so it was not easy getting back onto the bike after work to begin my long cycle home. I say long, as yes, you’ve guessed it, there was yet another road closure on my route. I have never cycled this far in my life and by the end of it my neck and wrists were in agony. Padded shorts would have helped too, I feel.

I can honestly say that my 50/50 challenge has been enjoyable. Maybe it was all a bit mad, but I have managed to beat my fundraising target of £1,000 by about £100. Hopefully, I have helped to raise the profile of the British Heart Foundation too, by wearing my swanky red, sponsored Promotif sweatshirt.

I have stayed off the chocolate and alcohol, I have accomplished more, been far more alert, stayed awake longer and got myself fitter.

Hopefully, you have all enjoyed my blog over the past six weeks and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support (toots in the cars, shouts across the street, internet messages) and sponsorship – it has been fun.

Lynn Young