If you see me oot, give me a toot

WELL that is almost the first week in – I have still got a 50-minute cycle to do today in the rain and wind.

I found the start of the week relatively easy with skipping and badminton hits done during my lunch hour, but then the 50-minute indoor cycling class, following on from a two-hour badminton coaching session, was quite tough. Then the 50-length swim on Friday, which ended up being a one-mile swim. By then the back of my left knee and my hips were sore from doing the breast stroke.

I had to fit Saturday’s challenge in at 9.30pm as we had a long day at the Border Primary Badminton championships where I was so proud of all my Kelso players.

On Sunday I squeezed in a 50-minute walk round the race course before another long day at the badminton – in Berwick this time. So I have to say I am pretty tired today.

On a more positive note I have not had chocolate or alcohol now for six days and I have had some fantastic sponsorship from four local businesses, so I am already up to £250. Only £750 to go!

The challenges for me are not just doing them, but fitting them into my week, so I am having to get organised more to plan my day to include these – I think this is a problem that many people wanting to get fit have.

When to do things? They may feel that they don’t have time, but you have to make an effort to ‘make time’ to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Don’t feel guilty about taking time for your own health.

We make time to go to get our hair cut and go to the dentist, so why not for some fitness work too? Makes sense, eh?

Thanks for supporting me.

I’ve had lots of lovely wishes from emails and when I am down the street.

I’ve had several cheques in the post, too. Cheques can be made payable to The British Heart Foundation (Kelso branch) and sent to me at 6 Broomlands Gardens, Kelso, TD5 7SS.

I’ll be wearing red for the 50 days of the challenge, so if you see me out and about give me a ‘toot’ to keep me going.

I’ve also been posting my rather amateur video diary on the British Heart Foundation’s Facebook site, so if you want a laugh at my ugly mug doing exercises, please check it out.

See you next week.