Hefty fines in bid to curb bad parking at BGH

Parking issues at the Borders General Hospital near Melrose in the Scottish Borders.
Parking issues at the Borders General Hospital near Melrose in the Scottish Borders.

Drivers who breach parking rules at Borders General Hospital are to be hit with a £90 fine – and hospital staff won’t be exempt.

Health chiefs say inappropriate parking is a major problem and a danger to staff, patients and visitors.

Tickets will be issued to those who park on footpaths, grassed areas, yellow lines, painted chevrons and ambulance bays.

Fines will also be levied on people who use disabled bays if they don’t display the proper badge.

Parking regulations and fines will be administered by York-based Minster Baywatch.

NHS Borders says it’s not about making money – but safety.

However, it won’t reveal details of the Minster Baywatch contract on commercial and confidential grounds.

From November 25, designated short-stay car parking will be available for patients, visitors and staff who are only going to be at the hospital for up to four hours and will operate between 8am and 5pm.

November 25 is also the day on which the fines come into operation. Warning tickets are being issued to offending drivers until the fines begin.

The chief executive of NHS Borders, Calum Campbell, commented: “We have a responsibility for the care and wellbeing of service users and staff. Inconsiderate and inappropriate parking is putting people at risk.

“In recognising this we are taking proactive action to address the problems that are being experienced.

“Compliance with the new arrangements will improve patient and staff safety and enhance the patient experience when visiting the hospital.”

The £90 fine will be cut to £40 if it is paid within 14 days. Drivers who pay by debit or credit cards face a four per cent surcharge.

Staff as well visitors face the fine.

NHS Borders has carried out a risk assessment envisaging angry drivers approaching the main reception desk or the shop which is staffed by the Royal Voluntary Service.

z Visit www.nhsborders.org.uk/going-to-hospital/car-parking-at-the-borders-general-hospital/ for further information.