Feel good by eating a healthy breakfast

In the morning, simple 
carbohydrates, such as sugary 
refined cereals, white 
breads and toast, cause an 
immediate surge of blood 
sugar levels which results in the release of a substantial amount of insulin.

The insulin removes sugar from the blood and puts it 
into storage, primarily as fat. The result is a decreased level of blood sugar and a hunger for more carbs.

A balanced protein-based breakfast supplies our 
body with vital nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar and insulin 
levels. It helps to avoid a 
dependence on carbs 
during the day and in this way, appetite stays under control and 
the body uses stored fats to get more energy. Does that not sound good?

A new ‘Ideal Breakfast’ has been developed, giving the body vital nutrients and providing energy from proteins and good carbohydrates.

This breakfast can be prepared in under a minute, so lack of time is now not an excuse.

To learn more, contact Bob Mitchell on 07946 287478. Now there truly is an 
easier way to help control your weight, have more energy and feel good.