Feeding advice for mums

MUMS are being invited to a picnic to raise awareness of the benefits of breast feeding.

Health experts will explain how they see babies and families gaining when mothers choose to breast feed.

The picnic is part of World Breast Feeding Week which begins on Monday and will be held on Wednesday between noon and 2pm at the Tweedbank Community Centre.

Advice will be offered by health visitors from NHS Borders based in Galashiels.

Sheena Wright, the director of nursing and midwifery in the Borders commented: “We know how important breast milk is to babies, but there are a lot of myths surrounding breast feeding and some new mums can find it quite difficult. The breast feeding support groups are an excellent way to obtain advice, not only from the professionals, but from other women who may have similar experiences.”

“The picnic is an opportunity to get together and share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere, and have some fun too”

If the weather is decent, the bring-your-own picnic will be held in the centre’s garden, inside if wet.

The event is open to past, present and possibly future members of the breast feeding group.