Borders’ first Lazy Daisy teacher helps expectant mums

Daisy Birthing - Image Rosie Kennedy
Daisy Birthing - Image Rosie Kennedy

Lilliesleaf’s Rosie Kennedy is one of only two antenatal Lazy Daisy teachers in the east of Scotland using several techniques to help pregnant women.

The method combines yoga, self hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques along with peer support for those expecting and for mums after the birth.

And the first Lazy Daisy Borders baby was born to a first-time mum on Sunday.

Rosie said: “She sent a message saying ‘tell the others it works’! I was just thrilled.

“It’s such a special time in someone’s life, I feel so privileged to be involved and to have a positive influence.”

The technique was started by mum-of-five Julie Long in 2004. Mum-of-two Rosie came to it after the birth of her first child: “I thought I would be fine but it wasn’t how I expected, I found it really traumatic and I was terrified when I became pregnant with my daughter.

“But I got some really good advice from a friend who had been to Lazy Daisy classes and I couldn’t believe the difference, I felt calm and in control. I worked with my body and gravity, not needing any pain relief.”

One of the aims of the classes is for women to learn through movement and build up muscle memory so their bodies go into ‘auto-pilot’ and give birth more easily.

The 32-year-old decided to train after she became pregnant for a third time 
and still couldn’t find a class in the area: “I decided that if no one else was going to 
bring a class here than I would!”

The second six-week session starts next Thursday (May 16). The classes, currently at the Chaplaincy Centre at Borders General Hospital, are suitable from about 14 weeks pregnant to birth. Rosie hopes to take classes also to Kelso and Peebles. To book or for more information contact Rosie at or on 07803 515994 and see her Facebook page Lazy Daisy Scottish