Borders could home new wellness retreat

Lindsay McNeill.
Lindsay McNeill.

A cancer survivor determined to provide others with a focus during and after treatment, has set her sights on the Borders as home to a new wellness retreat.

Lindsey McNeill, who lives in West Lothian but has family in Galashiels, visited a retreat in Manchester after her treatment and says it gave her “the support I didn’t even know I needed.”

Lindsey McNeill.

Lindsey McNeill.

Now she believes the Borders is the ideal spot for creating a similar centre.

“My vision is to offer free places to those in need of this service; a practical support service which is not offered elsewhere,” she said.

“I have chosen the Borders as my base due to its scenic location, multiple amenities that could support my vision, and my family connections in the area.”

Her aim is to create a charity to run a retreat for those with a cancer diagnosis, or who have finished active treatment. The charity will then offer free access to a practical support service.

She said: “I believe there is a gap in the market, as having gone through 18 months of cancer treatment myself in West Lothian, I ended up going to an exercise retreat in Manchester to get the kind of support I didn’t even know I needed.”

It would cater for small groups with individual ensuite accommodation, offering a programme of outdoor activities; restorative yoga; counselling; beauty treatments; craft classes; and cookery classes focusing on nutrition and healthy eating.

“These are all key practical elements which can assist in recovery from cancer treatment,” Lindsey added. “Speaking from personal experience, this type of retreat promotes successful recovery through a holistic approach to healthy living.

“I would like to know what other types of activity people would most like to see and to reach out to those charitable minded people out there who might be interested in helping me find permanent premises in the longer term, potentially assist with a community renovation project or generally be in a position to give me a range of professional advice.”

Linsdey would welcome any feedback by email: and you can fill our her survey here:

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