BGH ward remains shut

ONE ward of Borders General Hospital remains closed to admissions due to the winter vomiting bug, NHS Borders have confirmed.

Speaking to TheSouthern on Wednesday morning, an NHS spokeswoman said around 15 patients within the hospital were suffering from the Norovirus.

Dr Ed James, Consultant Microbiologist with the NHS Borders Infection Control team said: “You should avoid going to hospital or any other healthcare facility if you or other members of your family have had symptoms of diarrhoea or vomiting within the past 48 hours.

He added: “Visitors should consider postponing your visits to friends or relatives in the hospital and should not to bring children to the hospital when there is an outbreak.

“Visitors should not move around the hospital and should only go to the area you need to visit.

Hand washing with soap and water is essential for both visitors and staff after contact with people with diarrhoea symptoms in hospital and at home.”