BGH Norovirus meeting

Borders health chief Calum Campbell met this week with Scottish Government cabinet minister, Alex Neil, and local MSP, Christine Grahem to discuss the ongoing problems with the Norovirus sickness bug at Borders General Hospital.

Norovirus has been less prevalent in Scotland this year. Locally however, NHS Borders has seen a large number of Norovirus cases in the community affecting local schools and care homes.

Due to the highly infectious nature of the virus, transmission into the BGH has therefore been very difficult to prevent, although this year’s Norovirus activity across the Borders is not considered by experts to be abnormal.

Throughout the Norovirus season, NHS Borders has proactively promoted the Health Scotland’s ‘Stay at Home’ campaign and has continued to reinforce this message locally with daily ward closure updates issued through the local media.

Following her concerns which she raised with First Minister, Alex Salmond in Parliament two weeks ago, MSP Christine Grahame welcomed yesterday’s meeting. “I would like to thank NHS Borders for attending this meeting. It has assured me that the outbreaks at the Borders General Hospital are not unusual and that NHS Borders is proactively working together with Health Protection Scotland and Scottish Government to continue to help prevent the spread of Nororvirus,” said Ms Grahame.