BGH Friends donate high-tech scanner

The Friends of the BGH have provided funding for the purchase of a new Sonosite ultrasound scanner for the hospital.

The scanner is the latest model and is the first of its type to be purchased in Scotland, at a cost of £36,000.

Staff of NHS Borders will use the scanner to target anaesthetic injections to provide pain relief after surgery.

Experts say this will mean less pain and a reduction in the side effects from strong painkillers such as morphine, meaning that patients will recover quickly after surgery.

The scanner will also be used in the intensive care unit of the hospital, where it can help to rapidly diagnose heart and lung problems and help staff to direct the care of critically ill patients.

Dr Jonathan Antrobus and Dr Jonathan Aldridge thanked the Friends for their support and help to buy the new scanner.

They said: “This machine will be a fantastic addition to our department and we are very grateful to the Friends for their help.

“It will make a big difference to the care of patients, both in the intensive care unit and after routine surgery.”

The Friends’ main aim is to help those in need and they do this by raising funds to supplement services provided by the BGH for the health, welfare and comfort of patients and staff.

They help to provide facilities, buildings and equipment needed for the efficient running of the hospital.

Anyone who would like to support the Friends, for example, by organizing or supporting an event, can contact: chairman: Jennifer Croall, 01890 860245; secretary: Sandra Henwood, 01896 826564;; or