Head’s heart in the Borders despite move to new post

Alan Williamson
Alan Williamson

After more than 10 years at Hawick High School, the rector has announced he is to leave to take up a new post in Midlothian.

Alan Williamson revealed last week that in August he will take up the post of head of the first Scottish Futures Trust school centre, at Lasswade.

Rector at Hawick for the past seven years, Mr Williamson rejoined the school in 2002 as depute, having taught there during the late 1990s.

Reflecting on his time as rector, Mr Williamson said: “It has been very good. The school has had lots of success – School of Ambition was a highlight, as was the Vision 2014 programme in the community.

“There has also been lots of sporting and musical success too, and positive inspection reports.

“I believe school leaders should change, because I feel it is good for a school to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at it.”

The post at Lasswade will see Mr Williamson head up community learning, a library, sports centre and 1,400 pupils.

“It is a bigger job all round and will be a huge challenge for me,” he said.

Despite the change of job, Mr Williamson said he plans to continue to live in Hawick.

“My heart is still in the Borders,” he said, adding: “I think Hawick has a far worse reputation than it deserves. There are brilliant pupils here and we have got a really strong community spirit.

“I have had great staff, teachers and a supportive senior management team. It has been a pleasure to work here.”

Christine Brown, council senior education officer, said: “Alan Williamson has worked very hard to develop the school and work with the local community over the past seven years. He will be sadly missed by parents, staff and pupils.”