Hay Lodge to be Peebles ‘health hub’

peebles’ Hay Lodge hospital is set to become a ‘health hub’.

At a meeting last Thursday, the town’s community councillors heard plans by NHS Borders to move mental health services – currently in two other buildings in the town – to the hospital as part of a health hub there.

Councillors were concerned that mental health patients would lose privacy by having to go to a health hub rather than the current locations.

But they agreed to give any other concerns to community council secretary Katharine Mathison to pass on to health bosses.

NHS Borders, working with Scottish Borders Council, the voluntary sector and the Tweeddale community, is reviewing the area’s health and social day care services.

It says “bed-dependant models of care” are “unsustainable” and that it hopes to set up joined-up health and social care services so people can stay independently within their own homes.

NHS Borders chief executive Calum Campbell said: “We are committed to working with the Tweeddale community to continue to provide high quality, safe and sustainable health and social care services.”