Hawick woman jailed over disturbances at hospital

The Gluepot pub in Overhaugh Street, Galashiels.
The Gluepot pub in Overhaugh Street, Galashiels.

A 41-year-old woman responsible for two disturbances at the Borders General Hospital in Melrose in the space of two months has been jailed.

In between those two offences, Kellie Marie Carter was also abusive to staff at a Galashiels pub and set fire to cardboard outside it after being ejected.

Selkirk Sheriff Court was told Carter was abusive to medical staff and police officers after being taken to the hospital for treatment on December 17, including digging her nails into the wrist of a constable and drawing blood.

She was refused service at the Gluepot pub in Overhaugh Street, Galashiels, on January 2 and was abusive to staff.

After being thrown out, she set fire to a pile of cardboard nearby, but a customer spotted the blaze and put it out.

Carter pleaded guilty to committing a series of offences during a three-hour disturbance at the hospital on February 24.

Again she was abusive to both medical staff and police and assaulted an officer before leg restraints were put on her, the court heard.

She described police and nursing staff as “rapists and paedophiles”, and when told she was upsetting other patients, including children, Carter replied that she did not care.

Carter, of Fisher Avenue in Hawick, was jailed for five months altogether for all three incidents.