Hawick to host BIG time for Borderers

The Borders Interactive Gathering (BIG) is an annual event which brings together a wide range of businesses, organisations, groups and individuals who offer a service to people in order to help them improve their current situation in at least one area of their lives – learning, living or leisure.

This year we have decided to host the event in Hawick Town Hall on May 17. Opening to the public from 11am-6pm, we hope people will pop in and see what the Borders has for them.

Maybe to gather information and advice on benefits, pensions, support groups, volunteering opportunities, learning a new skill such as computing, photography, developing their existing knowledge further, improving their relaxation and free time activities, healthier living opportunities etc. The exhibitors will be available to answer any questions or queries.

All organisations, groups and persons with something to promote and offer to Borderers are encouraged to book a space where they can play a very important part in promoting their activity/skill/service to the people who matter.

We are also inviting people who can demonstrate a little of what they do to let us know and we can build a full timetable of what is happening throughout the day. For example, a short (five-15 minutes) dance routine, exercise routine, massage demonstration, musical interlude, re-enactment/drama display or workshop programme.

We are open to ideas, so please contact us to discover how we can work together – telephone: 01896 668961, email: bigevent10@yahoo.co.uk.

Rodelle Purvis

(vice-chair, BIG)

Cotgreen Road