Hawick pupils reflect on forgiveness

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Pupils at Hawick High School examined the causes of conflict and the importance of forgiveness in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.

The impact of war on both adults and children was another topic the youngsters explored during special remembrance-themed lessons.

At one station, pupils were asked to hold a model of a soldier, whilst reflecting on the fact that those who make up the Armed Forces are individuals with their own aspirations, families and friends.

They were also challenged to think through whether considering ‘the enemy’ as simply ‘people’ makes it more difficult to wage war.

Another station invited pupils to piece together jigsaws depicting children as a means of highlighting how their lives are broken by war.

Poems, painting, war cartoons, film clips and maps are just some of the other resources that were used to mark the season of remembrance.

Speaking ahead of Remembrance events at the weekend, Lead Chaplain, Esther Bailey, from Scripture Union Scotland, said it was important that tribute was paid to those who have died in conflicts around the world, giving young people the opportunity to explore the implications of war. But she also added: “Today, it is also about challenging the young people to think about what they can do to prevent conflict and promote peacemaking in the situations in which they find themselves. It has real practical application.”

Peter Beaton,

deputy head-teacher, added: “The feedback from students was extremely positive. They found the sessions enjoyable and engaging, and the fact that it was an experience appealed to them; they got to interact and found it very thought-provoking.”  

The lessons were part of the health and well-being programme for pupils in fourth to sixth year.