Hawick not looking good

I have been following with some bewilderment the debate over whether Hawick should pitch in with the other Borders common good funds with a view to achieving a better overall return on their investment.

This is one of the few times I have seen all the Hawick councillors agree. Basically, their position is: “Hands off our common good, we’re not going in with anyone, we’re happy with the status quo.”

I would like to point out that since they are already part of the joint Jedburgh, Kelso and Hawick common good funds investment group, they are quite happy to save on management fees with their 15 per cent share of this investment at the expense of the much-wealthier 75 per cent Jedburgh common good fund.

Not that I have a great deal of a problem with this arrangement, but I would like to ask your readers if they detect a slight hint of double standards from the Hawick councillors.

Depending on how things go longer term, Jedburgh common good fund may decide it is better to team up with one, or all of the other Borders funds, which would no doubt result in higher admin fees for Hawick which could be left out on a limb.

Sometimes it pays to show some respect for your partners when discussing these matters, especially in the press.

I feel let down by my Hawick colleagues in their rush to look after themselves – they have simply walked all over their benefactors.

Councillor Jim Brown

(Jedburgh and District)