Hawick motorist fined £300 for driving uninsured car

Wilton Primary School in Hawick's Wellfield Road.
Wilton Primary School in Hawick's Wellfield Road.

A healthcare support worker has been fined £300 at Jedburgh Justice of the Peace Court after she admitted driving with no insurance.

Lyndsey Anne Neilson, 36, pleaded guilty to committing that offence near her home in Wellfield Road, Hawick, on the afternoon of October 19.

The court heard she had been parked outside Wilton Primary School waiting to pick up children when she was approached by a police officer initially wanting her to move her vehicle.

A subsequent check revealed the car was uninsured.

Neilson was offered a fixed-penalty ticket but never paid it.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client had not been aware that her insurance policy had been cancelled due to non-payment.

He added: “It is not a case of deliberately driving without insurance, but she should have noticed the payments were not coming off her account.”

In addition to the fine, her licence was endorsed with six penalty points by JP John Jeffrey.