Hawick electric car club getting into gear ready for launch

Bright sparks are being invited to help steer an £167,000 electric car-sharing scheme in Hawick in the right direction next week.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 8:40 am
Updated Friday, 25th January 2019, 8:45 am
Hawick community councillor Andy Maybury, right, being given £107,000 by SP Energy Networks chief executive officer Frank Mitchell in Glasgow last November to help get the town's electric car club started.

Four low-carbon cars are to be bought for use in the town from this summer after a project driven forward by Hawick Community Council attracted £107,000 from Scottish Power Energy Networks’ green economy fund.

Transport Scotland is chipping in £30,000 to pay for chargers, and an interest-free loan will add another £30,000 to the project’s budget.

Teries are now being invited to attend two public events to find out more about the scheme.

Townsfolk will also be able to test-drive various vehicles and give their opinions on the best ones to go for.

The first event is to be held next Monday, January 28, from 7pm, at the Tower Mill auditorium.

Home Energy Scotland’s Chris Milne and Angus Rodney will talk about electric cars and the contribution they make in tackling climate change.

There will be information too from car club company CoMo UK about the benefits of car clubs and how the cost of transport can be reduced by not running your own car.

Community councillor Andy Maybury, project manager for the Teviot electric Car Club, will explain what will be happening over the next few months and how you can drive an electric car when you need to without buying one of your own.

The following Saturday, February 2, there will be test drives of various electric vehicles at the Common Haugh.

Mr Maybury said: “Come to the Common Haugh in the afternoon from 2pm with your driving licence and try out some of the options that we are considering for the club and help us choose which ones to buy.”

When up and running, users of the scheme will need to sign up, and there will be a checking process to verify driving licences.

Drivers wanting to book a vehicle will be able to do so via a phone app or online.

They then just turn up at the appointed time with a phone or card, unlock the car and drive off.