Hawick and Denholm Three councillors

Alastair Cranston

Scottish National Party

Born in Hawick, educated at Minto, Denholm and Hawick High schools had a positive effect on my four years at Edinburgh University. Travelling around the world for rugby and co-operative business has allowed me to savour many countries’ hospitality. It has a put a high value on where I come from.

If elected, I will co-operate fully with fellow ward and town councillors irrespective of political leaning, to ensure the best interests of the local electorate are always a priority.

I am in favour of more control and tax raising powers for Scotland. I like the way the SNP is performing nationally and am impressed with their plans for more inclusive decision-making locally.

We are all affected to various degrees by social behaviour, welfare, history, culture, education, tourism, business, sport and leisure. I can help with these issues on a local basis assisted by direct links to Holyrood.

Mary Douglas

Borders Party

I have lived in the Borders for 40 years on the family farm, taught at Borders College, worked for NHS Borders and run my own business. So I’m used to hard work and dealing with all sorts of problems. 

Hawick and Denholm have so many of the Borders’ special qualities, our sense of identity, wonderful landscapes, friendly people and strong traditions of industry, farming, sport and culture.  I believe we must look after these assets, and make best use of them to help create jobs, attract tourists, and draw in investors. 

I want my grandchildren and their families to be able to live and flourish here, with the best possible education and other council services.

The Borders Party has no ties to any national political party.  We want to restore a common sense, independent tradition in local government - putting the Borders first, not party politics.

Zandra Elliot

Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Work as a councillor has presented me with many different challenges, but I have never been afraid to confront authority, nor have I ever given up the chase, in my search for solutions.

Accordingly, Hawick Common Good now has a secure future, improvements in operational and efficiency methods of SBC Contracts are being introduced and many private individual issues have been resolved. I also take pride in being a member of the party which has produced balanced budgets that have served the Borders well in tough economic times.

Challenges still lie ahead but running away has never been my policy, and I believe that with the experience I have gained over the last five years as councillor, SBHA board member, and Honorary Provost of Hawick, I can contribute much to securing our future.

Michael Grieve

Labour and Co-operative Party

I AM proud to live in Hawick and want what is best for all its residents. I believe that Scottish Borders Council needs a change in its elected leadership for this to happen and, as one of the Labour candidates standing throughout the Borders, I can bring that change. I believe cutting services and continual restructuring are not the answers; neither is using competitive tendering to reduce the cost of services to vulnerable people – as was the case with the Young Carers organisation. Labour will fight to ensure that services to elderly and vulnerable people are not cut and that communication and consistency are high on the council’s watch words.

I hope to earn your first preference note but will be more than happy to receive second and third preferences: as they can be just as important. Remember in this election every vote counts. Vote Michael Grieve, Labour and Co-operative.

Stuart Marshall


Over the past few weeks I have visited hundreds of homes and had many long conversations with the people who matter most in this election - the public.

Hearing them talk about the issues that affect their everyday lives, their jobs, crime and vandalism, anti social behaviour, the poor condition of our roads, litter, dog fouling and fly-tipping as well as poor street lighting were only some of the issues that came up.

All of these issues need to be tackled head on, all need to be addressed by councillors working in a team.

The battle ground is indeed huge on May 3, but I firmly believe that the issues facing Hawick and Denholm are even greater, so if the ward is to be allowed to prosper then it is extremely important to elect councillors who will not be distracted from hard work and reliability.

Watson McAteer

Scottish Liberal Democrats

The council elections are with us again and I am looking forward to fighting to represent the Hawick and Denholm ward.

There is much talk of party politics but let’s be clear this is a local election where issues affecting local people and communities remain key. I want to change the way we do business, tackling more decisively the issues that affect us all. These include ensuring the young have access to quality education and real prospects of a job. Making sure the elderly, who have contributed so much to our communities, are being properly cared for and respected and that anti-social behaviour, in all its guises, is dealt with quickly and effectively.

We live in a great area, second to none, and with the support of the Hawick and Denholm electorate I for one, plan to keep it that way and see it grow and prosper.

Also standing: Craig Bryson independent