Haining project needs local support

I am sure everyone is in agreement that Andrew Nimmo-Smith’s generous bequest of Haining House and grounds to the people of Selkirk and the wider community is a gift indeed.

The Haining is a special place to most of us. The Haining Charitable Trust (HCT) is to be congratulated on its enthusiasm and energy in bringing the project to this stage. I understand that local opinion (gathered during consultation some years ago) favoured a museum of modern art.

To allow the project to achieve its aims, it is important that The Haining remains special to us and we feel a part of this development. Only with local support can such a scheme be sustainable in the long run.

I have to admit to feeling slightly remote from the HCT, especially in the wake of TheSouthern’s coverage last week of notices to quit and of residential affordable homes being converted to holiday flats.

I feel a local steering group would be well placed to facilitate the dissemination of information and complement the trustees to ensure that locals continue to feel involved and support the decisions being taken on our behalf.

Collaboration with initiatives such as the Selkirk Regeneration Company and Rowlands Dry Bar will allow the Haining vision to become a reality.

Sheila Sapkota

Back Row