Galashiels Girlguiding Thinking Day
Galashiels Girlguiding Thinking Day

Galashiels District Girlguiding held its Thinking Day at Old Parish and St Paul’s church hall in Galashiels, where approximately 170 members attended.

They renewed their Guide promises and donated £1 towards a Rotary shelterbox, raising £168.60. This amount will go to the money that was raised last year by all the units at Tweedbank. The shelterbox will be tracked when it is sent to a disaster area, so Guides will know exactly what country they are helping.

Galashiels Girlguiding Thinking Day

Galashiels Girlguiding Thinking Day

Last October all units made a Christmas decoration for the Janet MacKie Memorial Shield competition and at the Thinking Day the prize winners were presented with their shields and gifts by Alison Henry, district commissioner for Galashiels.

The theme for the remainder of the night was “We can save the Planet’’.

All the girls created an item out of something that is normally recycled. The Rainbows made mice and tortoises from polystyrene fruit trays; the Brownies cut different shapes of coloured tissue paper and stuck them on clear glass jars and added a tea light in them, to be lit once home; while the Guides and senior section made an elephant out of an empty plastic milk carton.

The evening ended with campfire songs.

Results of the Janet MacKie Memorial Shield competition:

Rainbows – 1, Aimee Ross, 2nd Galashiels (Focus); 2. Courtney Davidson, 2nd Galashiels (Focus); 3, Erin Gallagher, 1st Tweedbank.

Brownies – 1, Lauren Hume, 3rd Galashiels (St Peter’s); 2, Emma Johnston, 6th Galashiels ( Burgh); 3, Holly Brydon, 1st Tweedbank.

Guides – 1, Alannah Fox, 1st Tweedbank; 2, Heather Stuart, 1st Galashiels; 3, Alex Bell, 1st Tweedbank.