Growing children get the veggie bug

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PUPILS at Burnfoot Primary in Hawick joined more than 800 school children across the Borders by taking part in the Miller’s Town & Country Grow Good Enough To Eat project, which is being run in association with the Royal Highland Educational Trust, writes Andrew Keddie.

The initiative from the retailer, based at Hawick’s Commercial Road, gives children the opportunity to learn about growing, harvesting and eating their own food.

The aim is to encourage children to participate directly in the production of vegetables and to try, and hopefully enjoy, eating them. Once harvested, the children will work with a local chef who will show them how to use their produce to make soup.

Unperturbed by the weather last Tuesday week, the Burnfoot children planted their vegetable seeds. Some were lucky enough to stay dry when they planted their pumpkin seeds into pots to be kept in the greenhouse for a few more weeks. Others were out in the school grounds garden planting leeks, turnips, carrots and parsnips.

Brian Beattie, Miller’s store manager told us: “We are delighted to be running this project with the children. Issues like food production and food air miles are hot topics at the moment and we are keen to see that all children fully understand the process involved in getting food to their plates.”

Primary 5 pupil Brodie Painter said she was looking forward to seeing how big her pumpkin would grow.

“I’ll then use it to make soup,” she added.