Grateful thanks

I would like to thank Charity Begins at Home for the £500 donated to the Sprouston Friday Group. We will make good use of the money for our members. You do such a great job we can’t thank you enough.

We try to make our members happy and give them the company they need. We are a friendly group and always look forward to the next meeting.

This year we bought cushions for all the hall chairs we use to make it comfortable for the group and big plastic boxes to store them in. In July, we are going on our summer trip to see the Falkirk Wheel, stopping at Dobbies for our morning coffee. It will be a full day, leaving in the morning and returning at night.

So as you can see, we thank you for our donation, and the good work that you do will get the support from everyone in our area. Thank you again from all the members of the Sprouston Friday Group.

Eleanor Jarvis, Sprouston