Gordon Arms set to rise from the ashes

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The owners of Yarrow Valley’s historic Gordon Arms Hotel hope to reopen its bar and kitchen to the public in July after fire devastated the upstairs floor on May 12.

Fire crews from across the Borders and Edinburgh tackled the blaze at the 200-year-old property near St Mary’s Loch.

Surveying the scene, Tommy Roseburgh and Susan Cree reported on their Facebook page: “Luckily no one was injured. The roof has gone and the whole of the upper floor has been destroyed. There is a lot of water damage downstairs, but the bar doesn’t look too bad.”

Last week they thanked locals for their many messages of support, and for helping the clear-up operation.

They wrote: “We are just overwhelmed by them all. We have had so much help to start clearing the debris. As the bar and kitchen have not been damaged, we would hope to get that side of the hotel up and running by mid-July once we have a water supply and electricity, but will keep everyone posted.”

Susan told us that assessors hadn’t seen any initial problems to prevent reopening, but it would depend on regaining water and electricity supplies, and a green light from health and safety.

She added: “We’re hoping, but there’s nothing definite. It’s slow progress. It’s very frustrating – we were just getting there, in our third year of business.

“It’s still not conclusive whether it was caused by a spark from the chimney, or a mouse chewing through a wire. Basically, there’s nothing left [of the roof], so there’s no way of finding out. It means we haven’t got closure. What’s keeping us going is that no one was hurt – it could have been so much worse if the fire was at night.”