Good deeds driven by force of nature

We humans are a pretty smart lot.

Top of the pile compared to other living things on this planet.

However, from time to time Mother Nature steps in to administer a hefty slap, just to remind us that we’re not completely in control of things on Earth.

And so it came to pass last weekend.

Borderers, along with folk in other parts of the country, were subjected to a full-scale (or should that be gale?) meteorological onslaught, particularly in Hawick.

But it’s often at times like this we see human nature at its best with friends and neighbours going above and beyond to help those worst affected – and this includes that often much-maligned (sometimes deservedly so) bunch of people known as politicians.

Councillors, MSPs and MPs were swiftly on the ground, seeing for themselves the plight of some of their fellow citizens and offering what help they can. Some have actually got physically involved in the mopping-up operation, including filling and stacking sandbags.

A case of actions speaking louder than words.