Glentress visitors watch busy bees at new hive

Beekeepers and foresters teamed up to launch a new visitor attraction at Glentress Forest near Peebles earlier this month.

The new demonstration hive has been installed in the WildWatch centre at the mountain biking centre. And visitors are able to view the bees at work, bringing in pollen from the forest’s wildflowers.

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) teamed up with the Scottish Beekeepers Association to create the new visitor attraction.

FCS’s Glentress facilities manager Cathie Sutherland said: “The WildWatch centre at Glentress is very popular with visitors who want to discover more about the amazing wildlife in and around the forest.

“The new bee hive is fascinating and you can spend ages watching them all go about their busy working lives. It has proved very popular with the visitors.”

The bees fly in and out of a specially made opening located high up in the building and travel up and down a clear tube into the hive.

The bee viewing season is planned to extend until October.

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