Glasgow Uni lecture discusses Irish/Scots coasts

DOCTOR Joseph Murphy discusses the relationship of environment and development on the west coasts of Ireland and Scotland in the latest University of Glasgow lecture at the Buccleuch Centre.

Dr Murphy said: “I will explore two controversial resource projects – a gas refinery in Mayo, Ireland, and a wind farm on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland – and the arguments made by some local people. Although residents used concepts like ‘environment’ and ‘development’ to contest these projects, some people antagonistic to the schemes also articulated views which cannot be understood along these lines.

“I will show that the Gaelic concepts of dùthchas and deoraíocht, summarised as ‘place’ and ‘exile’, help to explain why some people decided to protest.

“By focusing on crofting community land buyouts in the Highlands and islands of Scotland, I will also suggest that such ideas are helping to operationalise the idea of sustainability in ways which are rooted in the history and culture of a particular location.”

Dr Murphy appears at the Langholm venue on Friday, February 15, at 2pm, with tickets priced at £6.