Giving wrong view of Jedburgh

With the tourist season rapidly approaching and Borders towns preparing to welcome new visitors, what historic marvels, sights and welcomes will greet them?

For tourists coming into Jedburgh, a beautiful abbey sits above the River Jed. A walk up into the Market Square gives the option of turning into the Canongate onward to Mary Queen of Scots House, or left up the Castlegate to the marvellous Castle Jail and museum.

This all sounds lovely, however, someone within higher authority, who has perhaps never even visited the town, made the amazing decision to change the front and main entrance into Jedburgh Sheriff Court to right bang in the middle of the Market Square, the focal point of the town.

What a welcome to Jedburgh – up to 25 people waiting around most of the morning in our beautiful Market Square, cider bottles being bought at the local off-licence and leisurely drunk before entering into the courtrooms.

Local authorities, please act now before we get a reputation of having louts from all over the Borders hanging about in the town, giving the wrong impression of what we have to offer.

Perhaps this issue could be addressed to coincide with the removal of the scaffolding in High Street, or sooner would be more helpful to the tourist trade.

Name and address withheld by request