Give me a break about the spring thing...

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The great spring debate has begun at Shoogly Towers. Not content with the fact that every single morning, the main topic of conversation is the weather – not enough rain, too much rain, not enough sun, it’s been too hot and dry, there’s just generally too much weather going on, or not enough weather (what?) – Mr E and Gamford are now having an ongoing discussion about spring, and whether it has arrived/is on the cusp of arriving – or hasn’t/isn’t.

I always try and stay out of these discussions, because for me the ideal year-round climate would be that of a tropical island. Or at the very least, and possibly more achievable financially, the same sort of summer that they have in Extremadura in Spain. Dry and hot with extremely mild winters.

Ah, the delicious Jamon Iberico and o!ives ripe from the trees. But back to reality.

In the blue corner, we have Gamford, the spring denier. He’s from the ‘Ne’er cast a clout ‘til May is out’ camp. At every mention of a sunny morning, he counters with: ‘But it’s a cool wind still’. His knockout blow is, however, a heavy frost in the morning, which he announces with glee to Mr E on his return from letting the chooks out. Seconds out, round one. And in the red hot, sunny corner we have Mr E, cheerfully optimistic that spring is here. Before the end of March.

The occasional reasonably balmy afternoon is Mr E’s counter-punch, as it does come with a slightly mild breeze. ‘Feels like spring,’ he will cheerfully announce.

The spring discussion, or rather sparring, has become a daily ritual. And then there are the sayings: ‘March, in like a lion and out like a lamb’. And then there’s the observation of different trees to see if there are any signs of green showing yet. Mr E always scans the trees along the Duke’s dykes on the way into Kelsae Toon. He says they are always the first trees to be in-leaf.

Well, of course they are. They’re probably the finest trees money can buy, guaranteed to come into leaf before any others in the Borders. Nay, probably the first in Scotland, if not the UK. A Duke would expect not less, surely?

Anyhoo, I keep saying that spring will come when it’s ready. Lord knows I’m ready for it. I’m afraid in my case it’s ‘Living in the Borders, made for the Maldives’.

However, Mr E says it’s been the driest winter on record for a hundred and eleventy years, or something similar. Maybe it has, but winter seems to come in November and last until May. That’s just waaaay to long.

And it’s certainly waaaaaaay to long to listen to The Great Spring Debate.

Personally, I totally forgot my winter blues for an hour when I basked in the warm glow of Aidan Turner’s ever-so slightly bronzed body which now lights up Sunday evenings for me. The Irish actor definitely knows how to rock that Cornish beach-bronzed bod look.

Poldark was my first crush, the lovely Robin Ellis. And now another generation can swoon every time Ross Poldark – complete with sexy scar - strides into shot in breeches, tight leather riding boots and a tricorn hat.

Thanks Ross, you’ve put a spring in my step.