Getting the news media on our side

What can young people do to prove the media wrong?

The youth of today have all been portrayed as the bad guys in the eyes of the media, with names such as “yobs”, “thugs”, “menace” and “hoodies”. We all know, not all thugs wear hoodies and not all those who wear hoodies are thugs, yet some shop owners refuse to serve someone wearing a hoody because they have been made to think that they are trouble.

The reason for this belief is that so many papers you read have at least one article that would be about another bad thing a young person was involved in. Admitedly not all papers focus on this but within the national papers you will rarely find a positive news story about a young person and multiple articles referring to thugs and yobs.

Although the misbehaving youths are in the minority, the media seem to enjoy making it sound like we are all youths are the same.

Are you one of the majority of the youths who behave and don’t get in trouble with the law and would like to prove the media wrong?

I am here to let you know how you can do just that, for you see, I am in the same boat as you are. There are a few things that you can do to show the media and people in your community that you are not one of the minority.

Tip 1: You could volunteer at a local charity shop or animal rescue centre.

Tip 2: Send an email to the team at YOB and Wired on Radio Borders about any recent achievements that you are proud of.

Tip 3: hold a fundraiser for something you feel strongly about.

Tip 4: Start an anti-bullying campaign

Tip 5: Join a protest or street march for something you feel strongly about, for instance, to end violence against women and children.

Tip 6: Do something for your community (for example, walk your neighbours’ dogs, babysit for someone in your neighbourhood etc.)

Tip 7: Start up or join a youth club in your area, get involved.

Tip 8: Start a blog and get your views of this matter known.

Tip 9: Join a training programme (for example. the Borders Production Unit) and show off your talents.

Tip 10: You could always write your own article about something you feel strongly about and send it to the Youth of the Borders team.

We can make a brighter tomorrow if we do something about it today.