Getting one’s wings clipped at Holyrood

I have to report, as I looked out of my Parly window, that the geese are back in Holyrood Park, a sure sign that we are moving swiftly towards winter.

Why are the geese so ahead of themselves? With this mild weather some of the bulbs I have planted up for the spring are actually peeking through now.

This brings me to Goosy Loosy. Do you know the story of Chicken Licken? Some of my colleagues appear to have missed that out from their infancy.

Anyhoo, there I was, on my feet waxing on about the doomsayers against Scottish independence, likening Alistair Darling (heid bummer of the No campaign) to Chicken Licken, who you will recall mistook an acorn hitting his head for the sky falling in.

Well, blow me, I had just got to Ducky Lucky when Deputy Presiding Officer John Scott – a sweet man really – hauled me up for “unparliamentary language”. Actually, it rescued me a bit because at the rate I was going I don’t think the First Minister would have thanked me for the bit where Foxy Loxy and his family ate the silly birds.


Have all the seasons gone mad? The other day the supermarket aisles were burgeoning with talking pumpkins and screaming scary skeletons.

Do you know you can now even buy fairy lights – or should I say pumpkin lights?

Give it a week or two and the shelves will be cleared for Christmas trees. Squeezed in between will be fireworks.

No wonder parents and, indeed, grandparents dread the greetin’ wains and their pester power.

I think there should be a law against it, a law which disallows any merchandise or advertising for seasonal goods until two weeks before the event. You know we have some daft laws out there, but that sounds sane to me.


The reality, of course, is that many folk won’t have money for any of that frippery – they don’t even have money for food.

I was invited to the opening of a foodbank. Not my scene. There is nothing to celebrate in that.

I am happy to contribute and have written to our local supermarkets asking if they would consider the BOGOF – Buy One, Get One Free – offers, which means in many cases we throw out food we cannot eat, and set up a system where we could put our BOGOF purchase for collection by local foodbanks.

I’ve not heard back from them yet – so time to chase them up. In the meantime, we should all reflect on whether we could do better for ourselves as a nation and consign foodbanks to the waste bin.