Getting behind Burnfoot

Down by the riverside in Denholm taken by Michael H Nelson.
Down by the riverside in Denholm taken by Michael H Nelson.

We wish the good people of Burnfoot in Hawick every success in their bid to curb antisocial behaviour on the estate.

And we hope that those who are in the vanguard of implementing an action plan to tackle this blight on many people’s lives receive solid support from those who are playing a less active or no role. They deserve it because, at times, it will feel like a pretty thankless and depressing task.

Antisocial behaviour and other types of relatively low-level crime has plagued Burnfoot and other Borders housing schemes such as Langlee in Galashiels and Selkirk’s Bannerfield for many years. We’ve all heard the reasons proffered for this being so – unemployment, drug misuse, alcoholism among them.

But some who have been luckier in life – often through no effort of their own – tend to look rather disparagingly at these less-fortunate people, being of the opinion that they have only themselves to blame for the position they are in.

The vast majority of those who live on the aforementioned ex-council house estates are decent, honest folk just trying improve the lot of themselves and their families. They don’t deserve to be tarred with the antisocial brush.

If you want to look for bad apples, turn your gaze towards the more well-heeled members of society such as bankers and politicians. Certain sections of the national press deserve a look too – Brian Leveson and his inquiry did.