George releases first album

Borders songwriter and solo artist George Kennedy releases his debut album Revelations & Revolutions on Monday, December 10.

The musician, who hails from Earlston, has decided to make 
his 11 songs available to download entirely free on his new website.

George, also known as GK, began work on the album more than two years ago after meeting Glasgow-based producer Greg Friel of Frielance Music.

“I had written the tracks on piano and guitar, and had the sound of the finished article in my head,” he said.

“After years of frustration and searching, I found the producer who knew exactly what I was about as an artist, and knew how to transfer the sound in my head on to tape.”

The album is split into two parts, he explains: “Revelations, a collection of more personal songs which are emotional snapshots of my life, includes the likes of Mystery Man and The Name You Never Say.”

The second part, Revolutions, he says, “follows a vague story line: songs such as Streets Of Suburbia and Urban Sunset introduce us to a world that has been taken over by a corrupt government force.

“Although the songs are set in another dimension they are still relevant to issues in the real world today,” he added, “with the likes of the mighty album opener Freedom Fighter which was written at the time of the rioting in London.”

George debuted material from the album at the Forth One’s One to Watch final at the beginning of November in Edinburgh’s Liquid Rooms, where radio DJ Jim Gelatly, who hosts In Demand Uncut, lauded Kennedy as “an artist to look out for”.

You can listen to Revelations and Revolutions free at, and also hear Kennedy’s four-song EP Rise Of The Fanatics on the website.