Gearing up for guisers

It’s Halloween tomorrow (Friday) and The Southern has teamed up with Police Scotland to make it clear whether or not guisers are welcome at your door.

On pages 54 and 56 of this issue, you’ll find posters, produced by the police, which you can display on your door or window. Using what now seems to be the accepted American terms, they explain whether trick or treaters are welcome or not welcome.

Borders police sergeant Justin Hulford told us: “All we ask is that anyone out and about takes notice of the posters and respects the wishes of others – not to damage property or throw things, and to be polite to residents.

“One knock and not too late in the evening is fine, and be prepared to take ‘no’ for an answer. Going to a house displaying a welcome poster will probably get you a better result.”

For safety reasons, he urged youngsters to stay in groups accompanied by an adult.

Sergeant Hulford continued: “Halloween is closely followed by bonfires and fireworks.

“Again, safety needs to be paramount, whilst also respecting the wishes of others.”

He added that police would deal with any antisocial behaviour associated with this time of year.