Gardeners go online to lobby to keep green bins

Online campaigners hope to change the council's mind
Online campaigners hope to change the council's mind

A campaigning social media page has attracted nearly 400 ‘likes’ in just a few weeks as Borderers battle to keep their garden waste collection.

Started in Jedburgh on January 4, ‘Save our garden waste collections’ opposes the council’s decision last month to discontinue its ‘green bin’ kerbside pick-up.

From April, Borders townspeople are asked to use a compost bin or take clippings to their nearest recycling centre.

Jedburgh gardeners Kenneth and Janice Fotheringham, both 75, are thinking of writing to the council in protest.

“The folk gardening are generally older and they are going to be hit by this. We are really angry about it. We use the bin all the time.”

Jedburgh community council chairman Richard Gordon said: “The community council is very annoyed: it is going to cause immense problems, not just for the elderly or those without cars.”

He is concerned about fly tippers and says compost bins will not cope.

“Sometimes you generate two or three (green) bin’s worth in one hedge trim. Is the council really expecting people to bundle stuff into bags, especially if it’s jaggy, and put it in your car, which you’re going to ruin, and spend money on fuel driving it to the nearest recycling centre? It makes no sense at all.”

He suggests the green bins lift should at least be retained for summers.