Galashiels video stars make a monkey of the opposition

Roger Simian and Sarahjane Swan aka The Bird And The Monkey. Photograph: Liz Small
Roger Simian and Sarahjane Swan aka The Bird And The Monkey. Photograph: Liz Small
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A GALASHIELS-based left-of-field pop duo have had their latest video included in the BBC Music Video Festival.

The Bird and the Monkey, made up of ex-Dawn of the Replicants man Roger Simian and ex-sculptor Sarahjane Swan, will see Do You Wanna? shown on the Edinburgh Big Screen for the festival, which runs until Saturday, October 1.

The video was chosen by a panel of judges after Roger and Sarahjane submitted their work to the event.

Formed in early 2010, the pair have made an album’s worth of videos and released two singles thus far.

And, so far, BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music have featured their songs.

The use of Do You Wanna? – an intriguing black and white video featuring Sarahjane who also shot and directed it – in the high profile event is perfect timing ahead of the duo’s debut album, due to be released at the start of next year.

Roger said: “We’re really pleased that Auntie Beeb is still treating us real sweet after last year’s airplay on Radio 1 in Scotland and 6 Music, plus the use of our strange and buzzing experimental pop song, Moon Moth, in the BBC 2 teen soap The Cut.”

To coincide with their festival appearance, The Bird and the Monkey are releasing a free download EP Ossie Dean, named after an area of Dunbar where Sarahjane is originally from,

And a 10-song DVD video sampler will be released on Saturday, October 1.

Both the EP and DVD are being distributed via Athene Noctua Records, which The Bird and Monkey have set up in conjunction with Galashiels-based Shark Batter Records, for the purpose of putting out free singles and more unusual audio-visual formats.

“We’re also feverishly working on completing our full-length debut audio album, which should be released by Athene Noctua/Shark Batter early next year,” added Roger.

Sarahjane moved from sculpture to songwriting and much of The Bird And The Monkey’s debut album is inspired by her youth spent in Dunbar.

Do You Wanna? will be screened in the Festival Square, Edinburgh, until October 1.

For more information, and to download Ossie Dean for free, visit