Galashiels Town Band to commission new music for Braw Lads’ Gathering

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Galashiels Town Band has announced that it intends to commission a new arrangement of music for brass band based around the traditional songs of the Braw Lads’ Gathering.

John Gray and Gordon Keddie, co-authors of ‘The History of the Braw Lads’ Gathering’, published last week, announced that they intended to distribute proceeds from the sale of their book to organisations connected with the Braw Lad’s Gathering including the town’s pipe band and Galashiels Town Band.

Town band chairman, Allan Doyle, said: “Galashiels Town Band is delighted to hear that John and Gordon intend to make a donation to the band from the sale of their new book. It seems only right that their donation is used in connection with the Band’s contribution to the Braw Lad’s Gathering. So we’ve decided to use these funds as a contribution towards the cost of arranging some of the old Gala songs into a modern brass band arrangement.

“These songs form a significant part of the history of The Gathering and many of them were published a few years ago in a ‘Braw Lads’ Songbook’. This will allow the band to play them and ensure their place at the heart of future celebrations.”

Galashiels Town Band has a proud history having served the town since 1834. But in more recent times when the band has been held together by a few dedicated members.

Five years ago the band set its sights set on re-establishing the glory days and has formed a long-term development plan to develop new young players.

Members of the public are also invited to support the commissioning of this work.

Donations may be sent to band treasurer, Iain Wilson, 11 Ellwyn Terrace, Galashiels TD1 2BA or can be made in person at A & A Doyle Ltd, 10 Bank Street, Galashiels.